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My Facination

My Facination

“What brings you here?” everything.

The obstacle of the ocean,

the determination of the sailors..


how they paddle their dow

accross the ocean and

how seemingly easy it looks as it cuts

through the waves with such ease.

I love that determination

it reminds me of how a human heart

can be hardened because of life

tribulations and yet another

determined and a loving heart

ferociously throws itself forward

to trynand soften it with such ease.

I admire how frightening the clouds

turn, from a perfect white, calmly and

slowly transforming itself into a storm

that overcomes the ocean ferociously

for a period of time and makes the

waves the size of a mountain while it

roars with anger and threatens to

swallow up the dows and the sailors

and yet nothing of that sought happens.

My Facination

By Teddy Omondi

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