All for them
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All for them


Life is for the living yet we choose to live for them,
every stage in our life is for them,
we wake up early ,take a shower,
and even dress in the most expensive designer clothes,
just for them, our joys last for a moment and yet tomorrow
we rise up and repeat the whole thing just for them.

What is beauty if it’s not appreciated,
so we go for the surgeries to enhance it,sometimes we loose our lives
,other times we come out as ogres, but as long as them appreciate
,then its for them.

We loose part of our life for them, our sleep for them, we throw parties
and run in debts ,just so that we can trend for them. We fake our accents,
lie where we went for our vacation ,photo shop best scenaries just to impress them, sometimes I think when the animals pity us, and they are glad they are not us.

So for them I went and borrowed a nice suit, she specifically specified, the who and who of the society will be there. She didn’t disappoint, dressed in a micro mini, and a gold heels ,she proceeded while I followed ,every eyes in the room feasted on us, down the stairs she descended, until she was almost down to the two last steps
Out of nowhere her attention caught something ,and her concentration left, what we had next was a huge thunder fall, glasses of champagne scattered in small pieces in every direction, the whole room for a moment silence the next engulfed in laughter .screams filled the air, her dress shredded, her make up drenched and he fake accent deserted her from such an embarrassment.

All for them! live your life for you.

By Teddy Omondi

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