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There is no freedom in africa, only different masters.

Though they walk like us, their destination is different.

Some even talk like us, but their language is different.

They rule with an iron fist, leaving their citizens as victims of circumstances.

They mock us in their campaigns,

by throwing derogatory words to their opponents yet behind close doors they stealthily laugh at us,

“did you see how my supporter’s descended on yours”.

Africans when will you learn?

There is a huge line today as far as your eyes can see,

yet its not an election day, mother’s holding their children,

old men and young men alike,

patiently waiting to complain to the under paid doctor.

There’s no freedom in africa,

only masters and slaves,

thou we might walk freely,

we are bounded with unforseen shackles and chain,

we are only good enough to vote,

without a say in the nationa cake. There’s is no freedom in africa,

its time to rise

for freedom beckons!

Teddy Omondi

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