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The moment came when I had no choice but to fall in.
I bounced off the club and off to the church
like a super character in a book of comic.
The convictions of my heart were not of a baby,
I had met with a deadly disease and got healed with the tender care of a baby.
It was in a dream when the Master came,
He said;
“Your transgressions are forgiven you, for by His stripes you are healed”
“Come to me and I’ll lift off the burden of you”

My heart sped off like a drummers kick beat.
My bones crackled like a chicken boiled wing.
My feet trembled like toddler’s first walk trial.
The moment came when I had no choice but to kneel at the altar.
I pleaded with my eyes dripping of tears,
I pleaded with my feet trembling of fear,
I pleaded with my mouth constantly spilling out ‘save me’.
The time has come for a new born me say the Pastor,
His death for me has not been in vain,
Go and sin no more.


©Prosper The Poet

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