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Eye defect is not a death sentence.


At the age of 20, I started using Medicated eye glasses.

That was three years after I graduated from Senior Secondary School.

This came as a surprise, because I do see clearly during my secondary

schools days either from far or close distance. But, things changed

afterwards. I couldn’t see distanced objects clearly, so I opted for a

medicated eye glasses in 2018 when I was about to be enrolled in a six-

months computer engineering training. I opted for the glasses for two

reasons : (1) Because I couldn’t see far objects clearly anymore. (2) Because

my eyes became sensitive to rays of light from computer systems. So, I went

for eyes test in a private hospital with my mother being my escort and I was

given concave lens to correct my short sighted eyes. The glasses were also

tinted so that the rays from the computer system will be controlled.

At first, I always feel shy to use the glasses. I only put them on whenever I

wanted to operate the computer system in my training center. Despite the

fact that I couldn’t see far objects, I don’t put on the glasses at home. I feared

being looking strange to people with the glasses. I used to attend the

computer training center in the five working days in a week and I usually

spent not less than 6hrs in the training center with the glasses on my eyes.

As time went on, I started getting used to the glasses, and without them,

*the world outside the glasses becomes strange*. Then I extended the work

of the glasses by using them whenever I want to watch football matches in

the viewing center. I’m a die-hard and garrulous fan of Real Madrid. I

always stay lively from the beginning of Real madrid matches to the end.

So, I was much recognized in the football viewing center. Times without

number many supporters will sarcastically say to me ” Adam, you better

remove that your glasses, perhaps it’s the reason why you can’t see clearly,”

they often said that, when I mock the team(s) they were supporting. Though

they do say that not with the intention of making me feel bad, but with the

intention of enjoying being sarcastic on me. However, Many of them didn’t

know that my glasses were my third and fourth eyes. But, when I started

putting them on often to watch football matches, it became dawn on them

that my eyes depend on the glasses to see clearly.



To be sincere, they enjoyed using my glasses to mock me more than any

other thing. But apart from the football viewing center, no any other place

that my eyes glasses were use as subject of mockery against me. I hardly put

them on at home or whenever I want to go out.



My mother would often wonder why I don’t putting on the glasses around,

despite the fact that I can’t see clearly without them. She always made it

known to me that there are many young people whose eyes also depend on

glasses like me and they do wear them with pride.

After I started using glasses, my father would often complain over the long

hours I spend reading books. I’m that type, who enjoyed spending his

leisure time with my mother and during that time my books were always

with me. Though I’m a science student, but I find it hard to believe in the

science theory which stated that long hours spend in staring at books do

affect the vision. I will wonder why many of my friends who spend almost

all the hours of their lives reading books and had no any problem with their

visions. Many of my friends who obviously read more than I do, can still

clearly than me.

I moved to Sokoto around October 2019 because I was expecting admission

from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. But despite the fact that I have

changed environment, I still hold on to my old habits of the usage of my eye

glasses. When I gained admission and started attending lectures in 2020. I

realized that the power of my glasses have greatly reduced. They couldn’t

see object from the long distance very clear as before. I didn’t know what

reduced the vision power of the glasses and I didn’t ask. So I opted for

another eyes glasses in Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital. I

underwent eyes tests and one of my elder brothers paid the bills charged

for the tests and my new eye glasses. He gave me a frame which didn’t look

like a medicated eyes glasses’ frame. Which I took to the hospital and it was



Since then, I can’t do without my glasses. I put them on all hours of the day.

It was when I came to Sokoto that I gat to know that many young people

with eye defect like me don’t like putting on their glasses. Because it make

them look strange and also it becomes the subject of mockery against them.


However, Eye defect is not a death sentence. And as my mother always

wish, I now put on my medicated eye glasses with pride. 😎

Soliu Arowolo Adam.

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