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Aishah, I didn’t mean to love you
And I knew not that you will trust me with your heart
At the beginning, didn’t you see that my eyes were full of deceit ?
Didn’t you see that my lips were painted with rose of lie ?

I was just a player
Who play with the hearts of ladies
Ask Chidinma, Bunmi and Maryam
I have Made their hearts shed tears.

I have satisfied my testosterone
From their pool of oestrogens
I was the one that shattered their hearts into pieces
I was the source of the blood flowing from their eyes.

I built mansion with my sugar-coated tongue
In the world of lovers, I’m a sinner
I toyed with the emotions of ladies
Aishah, I pray that your shattered heart will forgive me
I pray that you will sail out of this ocean of betrayal.

Aishah, pray to never behold me again like smoke in air
To me you are now a vomited food
But, I pray that you will forgive me
For I’m a player not lover.

Soliu Arowolo Adam

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