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My Bleeds

My bleeds

In my smiling face is a tattered being

Inside my strength is a broken-self

Inside that golden pen a million burns abode

My bleeds are the unspoken songs in thunderous silence


The world is a bushy-desert; I’m lost

My life is flooded with mysterious unfolding

O’ I’m the seat to trending failures

Thus, my faith is failing inside every second

I’m a song sang by hearts and lips

Have you seen the true face in my mask

I’m a beauteous garden yet with dead flowers

Tell the world I’m crawling; my strength is dying


Each day is a poison to my aspirations

When will these bleeds lay with elixir

What second will the decades of tribulations be slaughtered

Tell me, why I’m the man I am tomorrow?


I’ve been married to optimism before sunrise

Though, I bleed yet I won’t halt aspiring tomorrow, 

You will see greatness bowing before me

In weakness I found God as my light

by John King


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