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Time for fierce interjection.
On behalf of the forgotten gut rot that has festered for so long .
It has become acidic melting through the base metal that has held up societies brain.
You who sits in poise on the top.
Look at the bottom of your shoe.
That dog shit stuck at the bottom that you whip so careless on the grass that’s ever so greener.
Who do you benefit from.
The poor man who works day and night.
The ones who work tirelessly but seem ever stuck.
You at the top.
You starve your fellow man.
But remember this ,
One day you shall step down .
And that pack of wild dogs you starved.
Shall tear your flesh .
See who shall help the baboon that stole their food out of their mouths.
As they stand at your twitching half dead cadaver .
They will but spit in your face.
You have been warned .

All rights reservedĀ© from a collection entitled White shit , mind of a misfit

By Fuego


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