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Beauty of the Nature

Beauty of the nature

From the splendour of the sun to the moon’s beauty
From the gaiety of waters to trees’ Amity
Mother Earth’s beauty is in Nature’s dignity.

Right from the golden sun that shine in the morn
And caress skins with genteel fun
To the moon that glistens in the dark night
Mother Nature derived her beauty.

From the splendour of mighty trees
In the vast forests with sweet scents
To the cute flowers that sprout in gardens
Mother nature got her unrivaled beauty.

From the mesmerizing mountains and plains
To the sea of sand, the Sahara
From the mighty oceans and seas; tears of heaven
Mother nature beams of nothing but beauty.

From the birds that proudly display elegance
Beneath the blue sky filled with charming stars
And the snow of winter nights filled with loveliness
Who will encounter Mother nature
Without getting lost in her unique beauty?

By    Soliu arolowo Adam


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