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When a national hero dies, the flag position lowers but when I die, the zips shall go up for I am,

When I die
Read this aloud
Let the entire city hear
For it is the downfall of a great Queen
Queen of pleasure and pain
To the city’s husbands
I brought pleasure
And to the wives
No need for apologies
For I was a service provider
Readily fulfilling their failures in a bargain

This is my will
To the wives
I shall leave peace
To the husbands
It shall be drought and dry spells
For I will take along their sources of glee
My honeypot from which I served them
And my extralarge tits which they sucked
Finding solace and escaping their boring wives

Ganja cakes and vodka to my mourners
Place my casket on the doorstep of the beer hall
Let my spirit bid farewell to my favorite spot
Playing all the songs I enjoyed in my time
My corpse shall be dressed uniquely
In denim bum shorts and the glittering crop top
The outfit that lured many men

Don’t bury me in the cemetery
For I was never one of them
Rather by the roadside
The exact position where I’d stand and seduce them
Send me away at nighttime
For daylight was my sworn enemy
Strictly no flowers
Place alcohol and ciders in their place
Light up cigarettes and let my soul rest

Let them all know
That the heroic queen of seduction is gone
There shall be moments of silence

Silence to the wives
For they will complain no more about me
Silence to the husbands
As they will silently miss my magic skills
Households shall be in peace
My job on earth shall be done
But my legacy shall leave traces
With wounds of homes I wrecked.

Miss Vicious De Stranger


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