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So be it?

My neighbor is as poor as a church rat.
I’ll ride on his back,
till I hear the wreck of his bone crack.
So be it, and it was so. Rapt!

He is older than my father,
but I don’t give a damn.
He brings it cold, I give him a hot sauce.
So be it, and so you spoke. Damn!

Till the world cease to exist,
far be it from me.
Forever I will insist,
my will be done, so be it.

Till the tide flows back,
and the sea current draw near,
wallowing in a mighty tornado🌪️
ready to blow you down the hilltop, so be it?

When the world cease to exist
and the time draws nearer for judgement,
which should He use,
your words or your deeds, so be it?

Prosper the poet

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