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Self esteem according to the Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary is defined as a feeling of being happy with your own character and abilities.
Self esteem is an important

determinant in everything we do.it is important that we as an individual have a strong believe in ourselves and everything about us .
Human beings are different ,and no two humans are the same ,we differ in various aspects ranging from temperament , character ,height ,skin color ,body size , level and talents.
But as an individual we need to come to terms and accept who we are .
On several occasions I have come across people being insulted and abused for who they are. The popular one is body shaming .
A pratical example would be me ,I am a plus sized lady.Oh I can tell you I have being body shamed on several occasions ,trust me ,by my friends , family and even strangers.
People pratically approach me , thinking I have given birth to four kids , funny right .
I have an elder cousin who is slim and anytime we go out together they regards me as her elder sister .
It got to a time that the body shaming got to me and I tried to shed weight ,but no matter how I tried I still didn’t slim down, in fact I started surfing the net for foods to eat in order to shed weight ; trust me I got several tips online After fruitless effort of slimming down I accepted my fate that I was a plus sized lady ,but I always tried to keep my weight in check.
I got to realize that on time ,so now no amount of body shaming that got to me , because I realized that it was my unique identity .
“Words like ,you are fat , you look like a geepee tank ,why do you look like a bag of rice , oh why are you so thin , you look like toothpick”. Those words hurt and they can emotionally pull an individual down and it’s not everyone that has the emotionally stress to overcome such words.
No matter what your body size( plus ,thin , plum ,slender e.t.c) is ,skin color ( black ,brown , light,e.t.c) height( tall,short.) ,temperament ( extrovert, introvert) and all that might be ,you are who you are and that’s what makes you unique .
You don’t need to go extra mile to please someone else , just make sure you do anything that makes you comfortable.
Being comfortable in your own skin and believing in God is all you need , just make sure you cut all excess ,look confident and believe in yourself

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