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Heart vibrating like the eruption of volcano
Whilst fears and anxieties feast in the heart
The future is uncertain; perhaps strict against reality
Patience turns a lost treasure – sovereign restlessness

Mind pondering, heart wandering in darkness
On the way to discover genuine purpose
Will I be celebrated? This i know not
Or will I just be a piece of trash without worth

I’m optimistic that there’s a future somewhere
Illusion host my confidence, focus and dreams
Peer pressure pound me – my society stalk me
O’ will morrow serenize this tempest

Toiling both day and night
Yet infertility is the reward I get
All I see is dark clouds boastfully hovering
Will the sun still really shine on me

Alas! I desire transformation against this trepidation
O’ heaven, shower healings on my broken-self
Lasi die without realizing my dreams
Quench my fears with the success i long for

I’m pressing on buoyantly; treading on a thin line
Hoping to see light at the end of this tunnel
That I be just dry bones no more
When the rays of light shines from afar


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