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Letter from a ghost to her lover

Dear Brian ,it’s been a year
And you are still in pain
It hurts me to see you in pain
As all efforts made to be happy has been in vain.

Darling I know the love we shared
Was real, pure and genuine
I know it wasn’t part of our vows
For me to leave you so early.

I can’t rest in peace yet
Your tears continually disturb my sleep
Your grief and anguish has made paradise hell for me
Your sorrow wails like a siren in my ears.

Baby I am always with you
Even though you can’t see me
Remember I woke you up last week
When you almost burnt down the house.

Babe, there is happiness around you
Just open your heart to it
And the love we shared
Awaits you in another.

Honey, anytime you miss me
Just say our magic words
And I would always appear
To comfort and guide you.

I will be waiting for you
But first fulfill your purpose on Earth
I love you Brian
I really do and I’m sorry for my early exist
And the pain I caused you.

I wrote this letter
Just to tell you to make yourself happy
So that I can get the rest I deserve
And the beautiful life you deserve.

Blackgold ©️

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