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City women: The vendor and the client

City women: The vendor and the client

They share their bed nightly with you.
No names exchanged, nothing but mutual consent and the content of your wallet.
Yet, you point fingers at their sin
And deny ever being a satisfied client. You lie, you “brostitute”!!!

Our sea of desires unrivalled by the selfless act of these city
They are the reason wives get their husbands on most days of the week.
They are the reason our so-called morally upright gentle men have not lost their titles.
The reason some who preach against fleshly lust are not lost in the flesh.
They are bold and daring as they have given their lives to your satisfaction wilfully, at a price too high to justify ends meet.

You dirty pot belly vulture, masturbating in the corridors of power.
Gallivanting from party to party Swallowing public funds.
You are worse than a city woman.

So, before you point and pull the trigger of accusation and sins,
Examine your forbidden acts hidden from preying eyes.



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