Show me life

Download “SHOW ME LIFE” by Zyrx sounds ft Busola Robert


Don’t play games

won’t make you aim

that’s if you’re doing it to be my main

Just come plain, i’d be your jane

both of us be in a lonely race

no face , no place

Just me and you

I’d be your tattoo

and i’d be yours too


I just wanna hold you tight

Tell me how i’d make you mine

Hope you’d always do things right

If you won’t then show me life

cos I just want all your attention

Gimme your love no distraction

What you say give me some actions

Be with you no matter conditions … yeah

show me life……….

Just lets go slow and I’d make you mine

Just count to ten and I’d make things right

Don’t stop!

Let’s do it on time

and find out what we’re missing and just get in line


busola robert

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