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Disturbed Dove

Disturbed Dove

Flying around the sky.
Roaming around the globe with different thoughts.
Searching for perfect and peaceful domicile.
But all efforts resides in vain.
Due to their habitant harmful life styles.
Because my soul detest their unpleasant behavior.

Which city will i reside.
My heart lingers with numerous thoughts.
Is it the scary land of hazardous activities.
Or the enigmatic land of imbalance,
Filled with hateful and harmful wishes,
That detest my white and calmness character,
Which will also repaint my image unpleasantly.

Should I return to my previous land ?
Filled with calmness and loneliness,
No, because I detest loneliness and I need friends
That can feel my warmful hearts,
Which encourages tranquility environs,
That will stay firm forever and ever.
Please adopt me like your friend,
You need me and I need you

Disturbed Dove

by bolajispen


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4 thoughts on “Disturbed Dove”

  1. Every Birds feel lonely on Trees. What do they get when they get on the ground to rout their loneliness? Wild Animals wants to have them killed, Human wants to take them as Slaves into Cages… So, how will it rout its own loneliness? Perhaps nature can be of help, perhaps The Creator Himself will help it. Nece Poem Sir, keep it up.

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