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It wasn’t too long ago I danced
Feet diving through the petrichor of rain
Smiles holding on to my face as I sat eyes closed on my childhood roller coaster
at ease and unashamed
It wasn’t too long ago I cried
My biggest desire was a bike,
A drawing pad

Or some video game I never got to have
It wasn’t that long ago when comfort
was my mother’s arms in a different language
When doubt was just a myth
And church to me was primary school assemblies
I’ve always had questions laying at the tip of my tongue
Like what do babies think about?
I’ve always worn my words like arrows in medieval quivers

But danger ready
Like arrows in medieval quivers
When I turned 24
I buried my questions
I looked in my cousin’s eyes
He looked back with a question
He smiled
Very unaware
He knows not that I used to be him
And I know now that he knows not any fear

Cycles; Rollercoaster

BY: Tobi Toun

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