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What it’s like to be in love

How incredibly impossible it is,
To be in love
Without inhaling dust inside your lungs.

Today, there is a sea of memories
That remind me, who you are
Why you’re here, trying to defy
All odds, why we’re here trying
To love the world to a stop.
When the avalanche of your tears
Meet my unsteady hands
I know how clumsy it is to be inlove;
How frightening the sight of a slippery
Broken heart feels on your palm.
And still this human body tries to inhale
All your pain,
This human body, too broken to be whole,
Takes your hand on rainy days and leads
You through your shadows to the light.

I know what it’s like to be in love
To be everything and nothing all at once
To be the centre of all the universe’s scorn

I know what it’s like to be the orbit of human brokenness.

_Whats it like to be in love


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