Article review


Luzworld organization was launched in 2020 with the primary focus of providing varieties of gifts, cash prizes and other special offers to the community. In this article, we shall be reviewing the organization to find out what it has to offer to Nigerians. let’s talk about the website. The Luzworld website has two major programs containing activities:

The Major program is called “The Face of Luzworld” which occurs three times in a year, whereby the winner wins amazing prizes worth over ₦500,000. To participate in this program, the website demands that contestants:

  1. must not be less than the age of 16
  2. should have an active social presence( facebook or instagram)
    Participants under this programme are most likely to win if they achieve the most points in the contest. Points are earned by participating in the programme activities , the competition lasts for three weeks, get ready to take over the house with massive points, below are the activites that our contestants would partake in to earn points :
  3. Voting Activities
  4. Gaming Activities
  5. Spin The Wheel
  6. Bonus activities

The Minor Program is a weekly raffle draw. This is an open program that offers the public the opportunity to qualify for the free raffle on the website by simply inputting their mobile numbers without paying any amount. This program is operated every friday on the Luzworld instagram page.

How to register to compete for the face of Luzworld

To become a participant, there is need for you to register. You can do this by following the steps below:

Click on sign up at the top right corner of the page
Fill the registration form by entering the necessary user information required
A code will be sent to your registered email address
Enter the code in the space provided to verify your account

After creating your account, you are now fully qualified to the available offers on the Luzworld website. You can choose to activate any program of your choice.

For more information, visit the Luzworld website –