You got hurt? I understand. You withdrew in response to the pain,what a normal human being would do. You don’t trust anyone, we get it! You’re human and you did this because you got shattered. This is what humans do in response to trauma. Accept it! This is stage one

Stage two, learn to move ahead of the trauma and prove to yourself that you’re bigger than this concept. Then, you have to take actions consistent with that trust — you are a vast thing, something which cannot be bottled up into a small idea of a broken bird. Your job is to act on behalf of that vast thing, and step over the bird as you take on the next wave of life. Do that a few times, and you won’t even recall what it was like to be unable to fly. We’ve all been shattered in different ways and we all Conquered because every pain or trauma is a temporary state.
I wrote this piece to express the feeling of getting hurt. At that point in time all I could do was write and cry out on a piece of paper. I hope you love it and share your thoughts after reading this in the comment section below
“I spoke it so easy
That you are the one
You tore me to pieces
to show that you’ve won
My steps were so risky
I had a great fall
A little glimpse into my heart
Piercings reshaped through art
I met the spicy
With no taste
And like the wind passed by…. you did
The pain when I remember
Stabs my move on
I regret you were the one
I let it go easily
It caused my downfall”
By Busola Robert

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