13 love quotes

1.The most important aspect of love is to love yourself before anyone.
Self love is the real key to loving other people around you. You must have a high regard for your own well-being and happiness and also taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others and also know that self-love isn’t settling for an object or a personal less than you because you deserve better.

2. Love is real when your flaws are accepted more than your virtues.
True love is not showing the best of you at all times, sometimes you need to showcase your flaws to test the person you love and care about to know if they really feel the same way. we all need to learn to accept people for who they really are and not by judging them on how much

3. Roses are red, violets are blue, I don’t know the next line but I’d be with you.

4. As perfect as the shape of love is,imperfection is the real love.

There is no such thing as perfect love… Love is perfect with its flaws and that is the real meaning of love. imperfection My love, I don’t just want you,I need you

This is a letter I literally wrote to my love. This is very important when loving a person.Think of what you’ve learnt from that person that would make you say you love the person. Wants and needs aren’t the same but needs can produce your wants.
6.When I say I love you, look into my eyes and you’ll see the truth

Like they say,the eyes never lies its only the mouth that lie

7. If its to satisfy my wants, then its you I need

This is so similar to No.5……Love a person that will satisfy your wants and desires .its just like the way we need money to satisfy what we want or desires and even our needs too.
8. My heart chose you,not my flesh

9.I’m a lover ,the lover of love for you name is love

10. Its worth waiting for you. Time doesn’t fly because its you

11. My heart chose you,not my flesh

  1. 12. Love is not trusting 100%,but giving a high amount of trust you’ve never given anyone
You cannot trust anyone more than yourself or should I say you mustn’t trust anyone more than yourself? If you trust yourself 70% then why trust someone 100%? Food for thought right ?
If you get hurt because you trusted someone so so much then its your fault not the fault of trustee ,its the fault of your expectations

13. Most friendship end in love but most lovers do not end up as friends

This is so true and If you don’t feel so then do your own research but we can decide to change this mentality of love. Its up to you,its up to me to create a good friendship with your past lovers.

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