14 Motivational quotes


You don’t have to be in trend 
You have to be the trend 


  Being in trend is good, but not as good as being the trend.
   When you talk of “Being in trend ” you talk of following the discovered trend,It means you  keep up with what has been discovered by someone .
  Unlike “Being the trend” It talks about hyou and how you were able to lead.It also talks about what you have discovered,It talks about how you have been able to bring something to the table.
        In conclusion, Being in trend is the step you take as a follower while being the trend is the step that showcases you as leader at one point or the other.
     This message goes to the young,the old,The entrepreneurs ,The politicians,The Students and every occupational  field in life

I have a million dreams but it won’t take a million years to create the world I want


    There’s one thing  I have always learnt ,I’ve learnt there’s always enough time to do what you want to do or what you need to  only if you just  start with a focused mind, It’s all about time management. If you have millions of dreams to fulfil  then you can do it in the space of four years it will never be up to a hundred years and it also requires diligence

Don’t wear pride like  a dirty jacket 


    I believe everyone has pride.

But we all express pride in  so many ways

Either in a good a way or in a bad way.

When you put on a dirty white jacket with confidence you get negative responses

But when you out on a clean white jacket you’d get good responses from those who find the jacket attractive.
    We all possess an act pride but your pride shouldn’t offend people,It should motivate people.
           🕳   🕳   🕳   🕳
So guys what do you think about about the quote ? I would not mind if you comment below to share your thoughts.
    Have a great day


Life is forever but death occurs only once


               “In terms of hurt…
What hurts most is you being the cause of your own situation because you have no one to blame”

When you have a dream
You’d wake up every morning
 knowing that you have to
 fulfill a mission 



              “If you’re so comfortable with your present
             Your future would still be your present”

When you sit on a massage chair,you get so comfortable that you could sleep off…when you wake up, you’d realise how much time you spent sleeping.

   When you future looks like your present,It’s  called stagnation. So your comfort zone kept you in a spot that created no future for you.


‘Don’t avoid crying  because you might look fragile 
Cry because the tears will comfort you’
What can you do when you  are sad and depressed and hurt? Cry
Don’t burden yourself with what you  are going through….Don’t prove so strong in front of yourself….
There’s a lot of comfort and retlief after crying over and over again so why not feel the relief?
That doesn’t  mean you should cry till you pass out lol
‘What people think about you doesn’t determine who you are’

Don’t be confused by the words of people instead have a true conviction. once you know who you are and your capabilities,no one can bring you down with words.Learn to praise yourself,talk to yourself and embrace yourself.

Stick to good values,It’ll make people value you” 
Good Values are one of the things that presents you well to someone you meet for the first time. It makes people address you the right way and also respect you.
So ask yourself this question…Do people value me the right way? Think deep on how you’re been approached or treated and see what could be corrected.

                              11.‘Before you carry out a positive action,You must have had a positive vision’

This means that If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.You must have seen ahead of time,seen what could possibly happen if you take such action. Everyone wants to be great and successful,and also become an influential person but you can not be one if you haven’t had a proper vision of what you’ll be.
Just remember, vision and action complement each other.
No vision! No good action

“Imperfection is real perfection

‘Happiness is a decision so you can decide to be forever happy’


If you never fall you’d never learn to stand
Mistakes are not just bound to happen,There is always a message for you from that mistake.One thing I learnt from making  mistakes is “Creating a new Beginning for yourself”. While everyone sees it as an end,I see it as a beginning.
  Babies do not perfect their walking skills in one day,It might take some time for them to walk perfectly. So If they fall should we stop them from learning how to walk?

  • This also relates to every field in life and this is what we all need to know about not giving up

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