Power in silence

Sometimes it is not easy to say what you’re going through, not because people will judge you, but who’s going to defend you? Who’d be there to stand by you and possibly try to relate? It hurts more when nobody is there during these times.

That’s the only thing you’d think of when you’re going through this pain. Others can’t even relate at that point in time. Who’s gonna stand by you and be there through hard times?

There are still so many people in the world today who haven’t come out on their rape case because they don’t know how much people will turn their backs on them, some people with a rape case have even died, they couldn’t live to tell their story, because they thought “who would care?”

We all judge because we’re all guilty and were trying to make amends with our own self, if everyone was sinless, we’d not all judge but not everyone defends you. That’s the thing. If you had just one person by your side, acknowledge that person in that phase you’re going through…. and if you have no one by your side, stand tall. Show you’re strong and keep moving. We’re not all the same and that’s why our situations don’t have the same solution.

If silence will resolve your situation, stay mute. It could be your solution. That might be the only remedy to your current state.

But if silence isn’t for you in times of problems, be observant enough to know who you share your problems with.

Your story isn’t for everyone to hear until you pass through that phase, bounce back and succeed.

Silence with patience will make you know when to attack. You might even be strong alone to defend yourself at that time.

Silence come with a special package, but we never see the strength of it.

If I keep mute for a day and speak up tomorrow on a similar case with you, it doesn’t mean it’s your time to speak up on your own case now. That’s why there’s a lot of power in silence!

Busola robert.


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