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My Mother!

She’s the real head of the family but gives her husband the role

   She acts like a servant but she’s a leader.

She’s a true lover.    

She sacrifices her own happiness to see her children happy.                                         

She is emotionally powerful.    She is the best counsellor to her family.   

She never retires as a mother till old age.          

  She is a mother to mothers                              

A mother to the the rest of her generations.                                                         

She spiritually guards her children.              

Her scolds are wrapped with real treasures.                                                                

She is a role model.        

She is my mother.

                            Busola Robert                     

16 thoughts on “My Mother!”

  1. 😇. Every mother should be given a customized frame with this writeup. Just to say thank you! Thank you @Busola

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