A Special Poem for the strongest Mother in the world


Mother’s Day and birthdays is not enough to celebrate our mothers.

Every Mother deserves all the love and appreciation in the whole world daily.

Mine holds a special place in my heart and I get emotional each day when I remember she is growing older as the day pass by. I wrote just this one

poem to Honor my mother and other mothers out there too.

My poem below is a true expression of my feelings and how much I appreciate my mother.

She’s the real head of the family

but gives her husband the role

She sacrifices her own happiness to see her children happy.               

She acts like a servant but she’s a leader.

She’s a true lover.    

She is emotionally powerful.   

She is the best counsellor to her family.   

She never retires as a mother till old age.          

  She is a mother to mothers                              

A mother to the the rest of her generations.                                                         

She spiritually guards her children.              

Her scolds are wrapped with real treasures.                                                                

She is a role model.        

She is my mother!

                          written by Busola Robert   

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16 thoughts on “A Special Poem for the strongest Mother in the world”

  1. 😇. Every mother should be given a customized frame with this writeup. Just to say thank you! Thank you @Busola

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